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Oxygen Ceuticals

About Oxygen Ceuticals

21st Century - When Spa Facials Were No Longer Satisfying and the Need for Oxygen Ceuticals was Born

In the last 10 years worldwide, people have tremendously changed their perception of beauty. Simple spa facials have become passé as the public has become socially aware of medical aesthetic advancements and cosmetic choices. With the abundance of advanced aesthetic procedures and treatment care options in the 21st Century, surgeons, medical professionals, aestheticians and spa clinicians have demanded more from their complementary Skincare products.

As the public has become more educated, more interested and demanding about facial aesthetics, the medical Skincare professionals and aesthetic beauty technicians have increasingly sought out new Skincare products to keep up with the latest aesthetic advancements.

In response, the Oxygen Ceuticals brand was created 13 years ago with scientific University research, initially for the plastic and dermatology market, and later expanded to include aesthetic facia procedures. This unique cooperation of university science medical professionals, and aesthetic technicians, responding to the needs of the highly competitive skin care market, was the foundational inspiration of Oxygen Ceuticals — a powerfu cosmetic Skincare brand infused with pure oxygen an peptidesbotanicals, vitamins and stems cells, with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a nanosome delivery system.

When the Perception of Beauty Changes in Society – Cosmetics Must Advance and Deliver Better Complementary Results

The 21st Century is becoming known as the “Aesthetic Revolution”. The world public has become more educated and aware of their skin care options; the demand for aesthetics has increased and the public expects better results. Both aesthetic practitioners and the public are more and more critical about how they look. The people even have a good understanding and belief about how, why and which cosmetics and procedures medical professionals and aestheticians can and will use as tools to help them change how they look. For example, people are becoming quite aware of the options a cosmetic or plastic surgeon can use to fix their face and give them a more beautiful look. Each day, more and more people have turned to medical aesthetic professionals – fueling the demand for the advanced ingredients in Oxygen Ceuticals.

The Need for a Truly Medical Aesthetic Skincare Regimen

After many aesthetic procedures, there is certain degree of “downtime” for patients. For example, immediately after laser treatment, a person’s face is usually red and swollen. Medical aesthetic professionals are very aware and concerned about extreme downtime and discomfort, and understand it might be a fear factor for their patients. Therefore, they have greatly desired a skin care product that is able to reduce the post treatment down time. At the same time, they have desired a product that is able to prolong and even improve the aesthetic procedures effects for their clients.

Oxygen Ceuticals